• Jeff posted an update in the group Group logo of Individual Payout SharingIndividual Payout Sharing 1 year, 3 months ago

    I have noticed that payouts have dropped to 1/10th of the original payouts. I should be getting 0.035 roughly, now only 0.003. Is that correct?

    • Silence on the part of the admin is always a bad sign 😉

      • Hi @jeff please don’t panic! you just posted 2 hours ago!!
        no it’s not normal, I made a mistake in writng the payout code, I add an extra zero. I noticed after yesterday night payout, sorry about that. You are going to receive a compensation today and everything will be fine from now on. @wunderwuzzi007

    • Naw, I’m not panicking. I reckoned something happened with the code. No worries. I used to write code myself in another life, so I know that bugs can happen. And they usually happen so that they cause big trouble. So, don’t worry be happy — 😉