About us


We are a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts from Italy, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong. We are in the Bitcoin market since mid 2013.

During the early days of our experiences with Bitcoin we mined at home with some butterfly labs equipments until it starts to get unprofitable, then we started to mine altcoins with our GPUs, after that we focused mainly on trading with fiat currency (mainly euros on kraken), and arbitrage with other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile we tried the first investments with some websites (mainly Ponzi schemes) and we started to loose our Bitcoins. We tried some cloud mining services, then they disappeared, then others and than others again.

All this allowed us to earn a huge experience and knowledge of the Bitcoin and altcoin mining , trade and arbitrage! So here we are today to offer our earned experience for your profit!

Actually we are setting up a small bitcoin mining farm in a remote area in Kazakhstan, we will combine its coins production with our actual earnings from hosted mining, proof of stake mining, and trading to provide you our mining services at these competitive prices.

In detail, we diversify for you your mining investment, and we direct your capital to the legit services available on line (hosted mining), to our POS mining, and we keep a part of it into a fund for trade andĀ arbitrage that will be used just when we can get profit due to the Bitcoin market situation. Like this we can minimize the risks of loss linked with any investment.


If you need any extra information about us or our services please read ourĀ F.A.Q. section, write an email to [email protected] or try to catch the Adim on our live chat